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It was a weekend filled of love, joy, and blessing.  It was a two-day wedding celebration for Nora and Pranav – Hindu wedding ceremony at the Temple in Carson on Saturday and American style wedding ceremony at the Shade Hotel in Manhattan Beach on Sunday.  Here’s a sneak preview for the first day.

I will be MIA till August.  I got too much to work on and too much to blog; but first, I need to take care of my little (lots of babies turning one year old!) and big clients first.  Got a lot of exciting things going on.  Will try to post sneak peek whenever I have a chance   =)

Dad, thank you for your tremendous support and trust.  You always believe in the gifts in me and always put me back into drawing classes when mom tried to pull me out of them.  I started realizing why I know how to compose visual imagery.  It was years of staring at tea cups, vases, apples, folds of fabric, oranges, fake bananas and plastic grapes…..  It wasn’t only for producing beautiful paintings or drawings of beautiful objects, it was for training my eyes and mind to observe light, objects, and atmosphere between all the elements.  Thank you for giving me the opportunities to explore my capabilities and helping me to reach my full potential (I am still working *hard* on that).  I feel so grateful and blessed to have a wonderful Dad.

Happy Father’s Day for all parents in the world.  Thank you for your efforts and thoughts to help us, your children reaching our full potential in life.

- One of the relics from my old dusty pile of contact sheets.  It was dated back in 1994-1995 when I was attending Swire School of Design in Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Taken with my Nikon FM camera inherited from Auntie Hilda and Kodak TMAX-400 film

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