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I love this early Sunday morning session with Sabrina, 10 months old baby girl.  She is so sweet with big adorable round eyes and long lashes (long lashes run in the family!).  She enjoys watching her older brother and sister playing around her but gets frustrated some time because she is not able to run around and play with them yet.  Her caring brother seems to be aware of that.  He comes back and checks on her from time to time, giving her hugs and kisses and making sure she is all right.  It is such a sweet family.

tavern | brentwood ca

May 26, 2010

I love Sunday morning family portrait session.  I am not a morning person and I always want to catch up some sleep on Sundays but Sunday is a perfect day to hang out with lovely kids and their family.  No matter how tired I am, I can always wake up early and head to the location with great anticipation.

Getting brunch is my favorite thing to do after Sunday morning session.  It’s the perfect time and setting to do a quick review on the images while waiting/enjoying the food.  This is my favorite way to start my day.  It was brunch at Tavern in Brentwood after I finished a portrait session for a lovely 10-month-old baby girl. Her images are coming up next.

stay tune…

boudoir | mrs. tea

May 18, 2010

A mini boudoir session followed by afternoon tea at the Peninsula…  it was a relaxing and pampering afternoon.

I met Mrs. Tea back in those kickboxing  days in my college years and we still keep in touch after she finished college and moved to the East coast.  Currently living in NYC with her hubby and her 9 months old baby girl, this was her first time leaving home for business trip after her daughter was born.  She wanted a little treat for herself during her short stay in LA.

I am posting these selected images with Mrs. Tea’s permission.

I ? Gjelina.  I love their food and ambience.  It’s rustic and simple but hip and modern at the same time.  

Gjelina –

Architectural Design - Studio Peel and Modern Arc Inc

carter | 7 months

May 2, 2010

Remember this cute little baby?  We had a wonderful family session with his family during the holiday season 2009.  First time I met Carter, he was only few weeks old, like a lump of dough sleeping in his daddy’s arm.   Can’t wait to see him again in June for his 9 months old session. 

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