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lauren | 9 months old

March 29, 2010

Lauren just turned 9 months old couple weeks ago.  Her growth amazed me.  She is one big happy baby who loves to explore, kept checking my camera bag and climbed on me when I was there .   I can’t wait to see Lauren again in a couple months for her 1-year old session.   

I spent a beautiful Saturday afternoon in San Francisco photographing two amazing people - Sade and Nick.  They are such a cute couple. I love the way they look at each other.  You can totally see how much they adore each other.  

Sade and Nick’s wedding will be at Beverly Whilshire in Beverly Hills.  Can’t wait to see you guys again this summer. 

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I don’t watch TV anymore, especially reality shows.  However, I am eager to check out Jamie Oliver’s new show on ABC  this Sunday.  Produced by Ryan Seacrest and Craig Armstrong, the show reveals the negative impact of highly processed cafeteria food on our children.  Jamie is showing us all the simple changes we can make that can lead to a healthier life way and a better future for our children.

I admire Jamie, not only because of his cute smile and messy hairdo but his passion and effort in educating the community healthful eating.  We have been disconnected from our food source.  We seldom question about where our food really come from and how they are processed.  All we get from the grocery stores are “things” in styrofoam trays in saran wrap or packaged “things” in boxes or bags.  I pick up Jamie Oliver’s food magazine from the bookstore occasionally and notice that he puts a lot of effort in showing us how to pick the best seasonal ingredients and how to use them to their full extent.  He is not only putting pretty pictures with recipes on his publication.  There is a kids cooking section on every issue which is fun for you and your kids.  He is trying to make cooking and eating fun for all age group. 

This school cafeteria food campaign is only Jamie’s first step in his food revolution journey.  He already took few steps forward, educating the public on healthful eating that doesn’t cost much to our wallet and to the earth.  His approach is powerful, accessible, and adaptable.  It’s all about moderation.   The choice is ours.  You can be a hero for yourself and your children.  Are you willing to take the initiation to make these healthful eating habit changes for yourself and your family?    

The series premiere of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution will be aired on ABC this Sunday at 10pm (pacific time).  Regular show time is scheduled to air on Friday evenings.  Check your local TV listing for details. 

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution on ABC:

Jamie Oliver’s official website:

lauren | 6 months

March 13, 2010

Lauren just turned 9 months old and she had her 3rd session of the Baby First Year today.  When I was back home processing the images, I dig up images from her 6 months old session in December,  just to compare how much she had grown.  She is surely one cute big baby.  Love the chubby baby legs.  Makes me want to chomp those sweet little thighs  =)

Here are some of my favorite images from her 6 months old session back in December.  Stay tuned for Lauren’s 9 months old session images.

ian | newborn session

March 10, 2010
I visited little Ian couple weeks ago at Beverly’s home.  Ian was barely 10 days old at that time.  He was so tiny and cute.  Here are some of my favorites from his newborn session.  I had designed a baby announcement card for Beverly’s family too. 

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